An UTAU 10th Anniversary Tribute


  • Event: みんなのUTAU2018
  • Table:「ふしぎって何色なの?」@D17

Item Info:

  • オーディオCD / Audio CD
  • 収録曲数:5曲 / 5 songs
  • 歌詞ブックレット / lyrics booklet
  • 価格:600円 / Price: 600 yen


  • Meteor Sighting - DoNotCrossP ft デフォ子, 桃音モモ
  • Edge of the Universe - Xue ft 桃音モモ
  • Retrospectre - MystSaphyr ft デフォ子
  • Kuyashii - CrusherP ft 重音テト
  • Welcome to the Tricolor World - Lystrialle ft デフォ子, 桃音モモ, 重音テト

All profits from Bandcamp purchases will be donated to Musicians Without Borders, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to spreading music and music education programs to wartorn areas of the world.

Purchasing Overseas

A second physical print of the album is available to preorder via Myriad's Bandcamp page for $6 (+ shipping)

The physical edition is a limited print run that will be via preorders ONLY. Any extras outside of the MOQ may be available to purchase afterwards at any conventions MystSaphyr attends, but this is not guaranteed.

A digital download of the album will also release the day after Minna no UTAU, and immediately be available to anyone who preordered the physical edition.


Lystrialle (Myriad)

DoNotCrossP (Myriad)

Xue (Myriad)

MystSaphyr (Myriad)
Composition, Design

Ameno (Myriad)

CrusherP (Guest)

Haru.jpg (Guest)
Illustration, Distribution

Special Thanks

Contact Myriad

Additional Credits